The Guardian

Petja of the Nightjar Tribe


is trying to comfort Lelo over his great loss

During the time when Skorec is not working in the hotel, he follows the wild style of Homsarec life, hunting in the woods with bow, arrows, spear, and axe, he paints his body and face, wears feathers in his hair, braids them, wears bone and wooden beads; a loincloth around his hips, boots, and a lamb fur on his back are the only clothes, even in winter.

Skorec and his father start a systematic training with Isegrim. This young Homsarec until now hasn't been able to gain control over this condition, but lost his mind and committed an act of atrocity -- that's why he was punished and kept in the island prison. Skorec and his family play an important role in teaching Isegrim how to remain controlled, even when he is high on 'Joy de Guerre'. Although they do not kill for cannibalism, but steal victims of accidents or violence, the king orders them to stop this bad habit, but they don't follow the King's will. Why? It is because they believe that they will cool down if they do, and lose their heat and their powerful immune system.



Leader of the Rebels

The leader of the rebels, Skorec's father Perkele, has found pleasure in Isegrim and has taken him as his property. The Duke demands his slave back, but Perkele proposes a duell.
Skorec is supposed to fight on his father's side. He is defeated in a wrestle with the Duke and has to surrender; his father injures the Duke, so the next fighter comes in who is a female Nepalese warrior, a "Kshatrini", who uses just ropes as a weapon. She defeats Perkele.
Isegrim will have to follow his owner back to the capitol Sukent.



During the following power struggle, Perkele is not ready to compromise, but continues the bad habit of cannibalism, strongly believing that this is why they have their heat, their strength, their vitality; whereas Skorec understands the fatal effects, goes for the necessary changes and supports a campaign of the Duke in the fight against the 'bane', together with Amazones and Kshatrinis and other warriors.

The death of a Homsarec is a heat crisis in which he falls into a vicious circle of fever, insomnia, dehydration, exitement, even panic which ends with a coma. They used to believe that this is the end, and reviving them would be futile.
Then suddenly they find out that they have been wrong, but the secret must be kept at any price.
Skorec becomes a guardian who fiercely keeps away any intruders trying to see what is happening in the holy den.